Leo coat

Obviously, these photos were taken a week ago, because today it's freezing outside. In -20 degrees the only look you can wear is caveman look. In other words as much coats as possible. Leo coat is from Nakd. I simply like to combine Leo pattern with black with not too popping materials. I think the Leo pattern … Continue reading Leo coat

Latest on Instagram

Here are latest shots from my instagram feed. Don't forget to follow me there 🤗 Just simply write in the searching box katarinadva, click follow and voíla your good job for the day is done😘 I have some new posts coming up, but first I need to edit some photos aaand do other tasks what … Continue reading Latest on Instagram

Pinterest inspo No. 3

It's time for Pinterest inspo again. I love Pinterest, there are so much beautiful and inspirational pictures! Enjoy, and don't forget to follow me there; twomoods 🙂

Parisian feels

Feeling like a Parisian madame, but then I look at the background and my vibe crashes immediately. I don't think that you can take a pic in Paris with forest on the background. In Paris, they have those beautiful buildings that I just love to see every time I visit Paris which I haven't done … Continue reading Parisian feels

The light blue jacket

In love with this blue jacket. It is so cute. The color is so sweet that I want to eat it..just kidding. It has fur shearling inside which is super soft and warm. Perfect jacket for winter when it's not too cold. The jacket is from ASOS. I would style that jacket with black, white … Continue reading The light blue jacket

Winter wonderland

​Oh, finally got some outfit photos! It's sometimes hard to catch up with light hours in Finland. No text for today because I finished my work today at 22.00 and after that, I spent almost 2 hours editing these photos so my head is empty and tired. So I'm gonna just leave these photos here … Continue reading Winter wonderland

white shirt

1.here 2.here 3.here Having white shirt in your wardrobe makes nothing to wear days easier because it fits with everything. Lifesaver!


Who else thinks that Saturday is the best day of the week? This Saturday I'll just chill, eat and read a book. Finally, I have time for just chilling. These photos are from last Saturday. What're your plans for today? Kenen muun mielestä lauantai on paras viikon päivä? Tänään aion vain chillata, syödä ja lukea … Continue reading Saturday

I’ts a pancake Sunday

Banana pancakes are always so delicious. Sunday without pancakes isn't Sunday.  I don't have much to say about this recipe. I think everyone is familiar with banana pancakes. I made the pancakes with the simplest recipe just by adding there my own secret ingredient— cinnamon. I've been addicted to cinnamon lately. Have been adding it everywhere … Continue reading I’ts a pancake Sunday

Hot summer day

This was the one and only hot summer day last summer in 2017. I remember how the sun was shining and burning. It was something extraordinary. Then the next day it was normally raining again. When I saw the sunglasses for the first time, I immediately had a vision of the whole outfit created around … Continue reading Hot summer day

Pinterest inspo

Ooh, Pinterest the platform of many inspirational photos. Here are some random photos from Pinterest that inspires me lately.Enjoy! Follow me on Pinterest: Twomoods

Sportswear crush: P.E NATION

1. TOP 2. LEGGINGS 3.SPORTSBRA 1. HOODIE 2. SWEATPANTS 1.SWEATSHIRT 2.SPORTSBRA 3.LEGGING P.E NATION is Australian sportswear brand. I found it about one year ago and fell in love with it. Sportswear can't get more stylish than this. They make sportswear look stylish. Also, clothing feels comfy and you are able to move on your limits and look good in the meanwhile ;). The … Continue reading Sportswear crush: P.E NATION

Pretty in pink

It's super cold outside. I could stay all day inside today, but responsibilities are calling so I have to step outside and feel how the cold is overwhelming my body. Thank god these photos were taken a few weeks ago when there wasn't so cold as it is today. Pink coat is from 2NDDAY and I love … Continue reading Pretty in pink

Morning booster

Here in Scandinavia we just need more orange things into our life. This morning booster juice is just the right thing what we need into our cold and dark mornings. As I'm trying to give up on coffee, I needed to replace it with something. This morning juice is a perfect replacement. It has a … Continue reading Morning booster

Coconut porridge

A great day starts from breakfast. Not everyone is made for eating traditional oatmeal for breakfast, for example, I'm one of those people. I don't have energy, I feel tired, and I just want to go back to sleep if I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I changed my breakfast routines from carbs and protein to … Continue reading Coconut porridge

First day of 2018

Good day!  It’s 2018 now and finally its time for new adventures. New year, a new book with blank pages yet. How is your feeling about this year? Are you excited? Have you set your goals for 2018 already? I am! I’m really excited about this year. I got a feeling that this is going … Continue reading First day of 2018

The blue sky

  The best feeling ever is when you see the sun after a while.  Waking up to sunlight is the best feeling ever. You just wanna run out and stay there forever. Lately, I've been obsessed with beige and calm tones. The jacket is old, really old, but it has been my obsession lately. Find similar … Continue reading The blue sky

The sock boots

 HERE, HERE ,HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE Here is some sock boot inspiration. Sock boots have gained a pick popularity on Instagram and it seems that the boots are here to stay, at least for now. In my opinion, they are cool and comfy, I really like them.  Unfortunately, they aren't really practical.  The boots aren't waterproof and when … Continue reading The sock boots