Here it is


The very first blog post. After long time thinking should I or shouldn’t I, I decided that I should do this finally.   I’m full of enthusiasm that I’m doing this.
So as this is my first blog post, I think I should tell about myself a bit and what you’ll see here.  Actually, I wrote a description about me and this blog on the ABOUT, so check it there. So again shortly, I love fashion, traveling, and gym. (Sounds like every blogger out there, haha). I love photographing, dancing and writing. The list of things I love is endless, and I’m not going to tell it all in this one post. Even though I like writing, writing is not my strength. I’ll focus more on good photos and well… develop my writing skills at the same time.
Here in the blog, I’ll write mostly about fashion I guess. Maybe you’ll see something about nutrition, fitness, and well-being also as those topics are a big part of me too. I’ll just call this a lifestyle blog for now.



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