I have such a fun weekend behind. Beautiful sail boats, good memories and a lot of sugary food. I haven’t eaten that much of sugar in really long time. I got sugar hangover now.
In my hometown was festival mode on. Here is organized a maritime festival every year in summer, but this year there was The Tall Ship Races at the same time. The tall ship races are playful competition for young sailors. Actually, I don’t know very much about The Tall Ship Races. I just know that they have awesome boats, that’s it. I could become a sailor and go far away in the sea and live there. Love the ocean.
Today I wore a fuchsia/lilac dress with belt and trench coat.The dress would look fine without the belt too, but I wanted to add a bit contrast to it.  Black belt cools down the color, and the dress doesn’t look too bright.
The dress is pretty practical. It fits day time and dinner time. In a day time combined with ballerinas or flip flops and casual jacket if the jacket is needed. The dinner time I would combine it with high heels or ballerinas and leather jacket or blazer depended on the event.
Fuchsia is such a beautiful color. Fuchsia has something special, something that grabs my attention. Fuchsia emphasizes tan skin. That’s why the color works well with the tanned skin.  Cold skin tones work better with Fuchsia than warm ones. Even though fuchsia is a bright color, it is still pretty useful. Fuchsia looks good with neutral tones like beige, black or white. Also, if you like to combine colorful colors together, fuchsia would match with blue, yellow or green.

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