Is it really that bad

IMG_47396CED336A-4755-4A17-AC08-03DB11E7E8FFIMG_4738.JPG                                             Ehh, here are some bad quality photos. Sorry !

Have you ever dreamed about something that makes your stomach full of butterflies?  You never did that because it is something others aren’t used to see from you. Maybe there is your job, family or a financial situation on your way. Maybe the dream is just something, you’ll try later in the future. But just letting you know, that the most amazing things in life are those, you scare the most. All rules and excuses are just your imagination.
You shouldn’t let others decide who you are. Always be the best version of yourself and don’t stick with people who don’t let you be you. Somebody will hate you, and somebody will love you. You weren’t born on this planet to please everyone. Never stop. Always go forward, and when you drop, take your lesson and continue.
When you rationally think about your dreams and fears, you realize that it isn’t really that bad. There is nothing you can lose when you take action. Instead, when you don’t take action, there is a lot of good things you could lose. Ofc, there is always a risk. Common sense before you take action is required, but sometimes the common sense is the brake.
If there is your ego on your way, you should hide it somewhere far from you. Your ego is your worst enemy.
So what ever you dream about, go and do it today. Just start doing something that will lead you closer to your dreams. Not tomorrow. Today, because tomorrow someone else is living your dream while you’re just thinking about it.

xoxo Katarina

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