Green, green





Here is a new outfit post again. I’m in love with those QuayXKylie sunglasses. I have been hunting for perfect black sunglasses for two summers now, and finally, I made it. Ok, still didn’t find what I was seeking for. I was seeking for cat eye shaped sunglasses, but those are a good substitute. Actually, that shape is trending now.
This green silky shirt dress is really old one and is really practical. It goes from day to night, with jeans or without. The green color isn’t my fav color and so on, but it fits me the color I mean and this is really comfy. Silk is doing its job. Did you know that silk can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, magic fabric? Also, it is incredibly soft on your skin.  Really recommend investing on good clothes because it will pay it back to you. You just want to use the clothes which feel good on your skin. You just don’t want to use anything else anymore. If you can’t afford clothes that are well expensive. Try to invest on something practical, something you can use more than once.

xoxo Katarina

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