Lace detailed romper


IMG_4847It’s cold as fuck, but I’m still strolling around in shorts and skirts because I’m trying to enjoy my summer clothes:D I bought this romper last year from Nelly. I fell in love with the lace details and blue color of the romper. I’m not sure what I think about the design, but the romper is just perfect for cozy days. Easy, but not too boring. That’s why I love it.
The same denim jacket again. Yes, again. I love it, and it matches with many outfits. That’s what I wanted to talk about today. I think that it is better to have wearable clothes. Clothes, which can be combined together with many outfits. If you handle it, you can look like having a totally new outfit every day.
Especially when it comes to coats, jackets, jeans, bags…etc. I always try to seek something that can be combined easily with other clothes. When buying new jeans, it’s better to find perfect ones and pay for them. Always buying cheap new ones will cost you more anyway. Of course, there are clothes, that are hard to combine, but they are just too cute and must to have. I’m not telling that you should completely stop buying what you want. But thinking: do you really need that or is it wearable, will save your money, time and your buying habits become more planet friendly.

xoxo Katarina

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