Breakfast o’clock


Hey you, it’s me here again. It’s a beautiful Monday morning. I hope your weekend went well and this Monday morning is starting even better.  Monday is thug day for many of us after a weekend. For me, Monday means new starts and new plans for the week. My plans for the week are: just work, workout and focus a bit more on this blog and the rest of the plans will be spontaneous.

Mornings are my favs because it’s brekkie time.  Yesterday I woke up and felt like something is wrong. I wasn’t  craving my basic breakfast which is just simply eggs, veggies, and a fruit. Instead, I was craving nuts, coconut milk and fried apples with cinnamon. Of course, I didn’t have all those yummy things at home, so I ended up eating my basic breakfast.  Then I got my nuts and saved them for today morning. Yes, I admit. I made a little effort to make the bowl look that nice.

So here is the recipe:

a handful of brazil nuts
a handful of pecans
1 apple
dash of coconut milk
blueberries to your taste
coconut flakes to your taste
coconut oil

 Frie apples on a pan in a coconut oil with cinnamon 5 minutes. Put nuts into a bowl. Add coconut milk and blueberries. Then add apples and finish it with coconut flakes. That’s it. Yummy, simple and fast.
I really like to eat my apples baked, fried or just prepared in somehow. I have noticed that my stomach can digest the apples better when they aren’t raw. So if you have noticed the same, that you don’t feel very well after eating a raw apple, you should definitely try to bake it for example, and see how it will work for you.ed863cea93410823ad53a8932d31d0dfHave a lovely Monday!
xoxo Katarina.

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