First day of 2018

Good day!  It’s 2018 now and finally its time for new adventures. New year, a new book with blank pages yet. How is your feeling about this year? Are you excited? Have you set your goals for 2018 already?
I am! I’m really excited about this year. I got a feeling that this is going to be a good year and it will be. I’m going to make this the best year I’ve ever had. I’m going to work on my dreams and on me. This year is going to be a year of achievements.
I’ve sat a lot of goals for this year, and here are some of my small goals for this year:

1.Cut the sugar
Yep, I’m going to eliminate white sugar and all the processed foods. Now I’ve been eating these foods on weekends as a treat, but this year I want completely eliminate all the crap from my diet.

2. Quit coffee
Oh, the love of my life –coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee for seven years every morning and I can’t live without it. To be honest, I don’t need that coffee. Coffee has its benefits and good micronutrients. If you dig a bit deeper on the topic about coffee, you’ll find that there is more harm than good,(but that’s a long topic so I won’t write about it on this post).Let me know if you want me to write a post about it.

3. Change to organic make up
This gonna be probably the hardest one. I love all the fancy make up brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty. Also, I need to throw all my make up away because they aren’t organic… I’m going to cry while doing it:D, but im doing this for my skin.

4. Bring cardio back to a gym routine.
I’ve been 1,5 years now without steady-state cardio because of my health. Finally, I can start running again. I love running(sometimes:D).

So here were some of my little goals for the 2018 year. There are a lot more goals, but I’ll keep the biggest ones as a secret;)
What are your goals?
…and Happy New year!


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