Coconut porridge

A great day starts from breakfast.

Not everyone is made for eating traditional oatmeal for breakfast, for example, I’m one of those people. I don’t have energy, I feel tired, and I just want to go back to sleep if I eat oatmeal for breakfast.

I changed my breakfast routines from carbs and protein to fat and protein. After doing that, I feel like a new person. I have so much energy during the day. Especially in the mornings. So give a try to a fat based breakfast if you have problems with energy levels in the mornings.

So here’s the recipe:

25g coconut flour

10g ground flaxseeds

1tablespoon chia seeds

Coconut milk

Cinnamon (optional)

Berries or whatever you like to add on top of your porridge.

Add coconut flour to the saucepan and fry the flour for a moment in order that the flour turns in to a gold color. Add ground flaxseeds, chia seeds and coconut milk. Leave it for 10 minutes on the stove. Remember to stir. Add cinnamon and toppings of your choice.

Have a good and tasty morning!

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