I’ve had acne prone skin since forever. Ok, not really. My face started breaking out when I was 13 years old and I’m 20 years old now, so it feels like forever.
In my 13 I was an anxious teenager. I didn’t take care of my skin. I didn’t care about it. I used makeup and wasn’t cleaning my face good enough. I remember how my grandma was trying to help me. She always told me that I need to fix my diet and start taking care of my skin. Obviously, I wasn’t listening to her, but as I’m older now, need to say, that she was right ;D.
My skin started looking worse and worse. If you have had seen pictures on the internet where they joke about acne like there is a picture of nut chocolate and a girl who has an acne which she has covered with foundation. Well, my skin looked just like that.
This is when my mama took me to the cosmetologist and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. Like there was a big scary lady who looked at my skin and said that my skin is quite bad. You know what she did?
She took her tweezers and started squeezing all the pimples on my face with tweezers. Like why couldn’t she just took that ultrasound thing and do her job with that? So next morning I woke up and my face was just screaming. My face hurt so much that I couldn’t even touch the pillowcase with my face. I kept going to her few more times after that, I decided to find a new cosmetologist.
Gladly, I found a good one. She was really knowing her thing, and my skin got better. I kept going to her monthly for 3 years after what I noticed that my skin stopped changing. My skin was good, it wasn’t so inflamed anymore but I still had and still have some impurities and hormonal pimples on my skin. This is when I started questioning what I was doing. I decided to quit my monthly appointments at the cosmetologist. I stopped using the products I bought from her. I thought that my skin will go out of control after that decision but you know what? It didn’t! It didn’t because I was eating healthy balanced diet.
I started to focus even more on my diet and stress levels. I started to search more information about acne. I’m still working on my skin and the diet. I haven’t found yet what causes small pimples on my skin, but by eating a healthy whole food diet I’ve managed to heal that inflamed nut chocolate looking skin.

I believe that all skin problems are the result of a bad diet, food allergies or hormonal imbalances. I believe that cosmetologist and dermatologist can help but they won’t make the problem go away.
Tips for fighting against acne:
Omega 3
A clean diet (no white sugar, for someones even limited fruit intake, no processed foods, no junk food etc.) because everything you eat you become. So if you eat crap you’ll look like a crap.
Gluten free
Dairy-free ( I got allergic red pimples around my mouth after eating dairy).
Eat a lot of vegetables
Vitamin A and C (carrots are high in vitamin A. I made juice recipe that is high in vitamin A and C. You can find it here.)
Probiotics and take care of your gut.
Try to change meat you are eating into grass-fed organic meat
Don’t touch your face
Change pillowcase weekly
Drink water

Here are my current favorite skin care products that I use.


I clean my face with The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter. It has rosemary, carrots, shea butter lavender, and chamomile in it. After this, my skin feels so soft and clean. Also, I use face cleansing brush that is from Oriflame to reduce makeup more efficiently.
As for moisturizer, I use NAOBAY Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer. I’ve tried everything when it comes to moisturizing skin. I’ve tried shea butter, argan oils and different kind of creams. Nothing was helping. When I was using oils on my skin I felt like that my skin is getting worse. Then I accidentally found the NAOBAY moisturizer. First I was a skeptic with it but then I saw that my skin is actually looking better.
Rest of the body I keep moisturized with Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, argan, grapeseed body lotion. This one smells like heaven.
Argan Oil I use only for emergency. For example, if I end up eating dairy, the argan oil heals the red allergic reaction.
All of these products are Vegan.

Acne is not normal and its telling something about your health. Always try to heal acne from inside before focusing on a fancy skin care products. Of course, good skin care products can help to reduce acne, but the diet is the key;).
If your skin is really bad, it would be preferable to see a good doctor, who could help you and not just put you the antibiotics.

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